School Closure Week 2 Letter

March 22, 2020

Dear Peabody Public School Students, Families, Teachers and Staff

We are heading into week #2 of school closure, and I want to update you regarding our
school system. I want to thank our principals and teachers for trying to normalize home
learning for all of our families. I realize this will be a process from week to week. I also
understand the disruption that school closure has on families. Please reach out to your
child’s teacher or principal if you need anything to help your family through this closure
period. Please look for and respond to emails and school communications as teachers
and principals work to provide and make connections to learning resources for your
family. We have designed a special website (see below) to handle all communications
for families and staff.

When will school open?
Last Friday, I was on a conference call with the state’s superintendents and the
commissioner of education. His general feeling was that schools will continue to be
closed beyond April 7, the date we are expected to reopen schools. Therefore, please
plan for school closure beyond April 7. You will be notified immediately once anything
is definitive.

Food and support
The closing of companies and restaurants have impacted the employment of many
families. Citizen’s Inn Haven for Hunger has plenty of food for Peabody families.
Below is a message they have prepared for you: “If you find, over the course of this
unprecedented event, that you do not have enough food to put on the table, Citizens Inn
Haven from Hunger can provide additional help (whether you are on free and reduced
meals or not). Fresh produce, milk, bread, dry goods, frozen meats and prepared foods
are all available on a daily basis at 71 Wallis Street in Peabody completely free of
charge. Citizens Inn Haven from Hunger is a resource for all Peabody families who are
having temporary or long term financial difficulties. They are open for groceries Monday,
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:30AM-2:30PM. Bring a government issued ID
and a bill from the last 30 days with a Peabody address. Please call 978-531-9775 or visit for more information and assistance for clients, volunteers and

Our guidance counselors and school adjustment counselors are available for any student
in need of support. Please contact someone from your child’s school or the
superintendent’s office to start this process.

What if we like to structure our day? Can anyone help?
I encourage you to visit the Peabody Public Schools Closure Resources and Guidance for
students, Teachers, and Families. The 21st Century Learning Department has developed a
special “one stop shopping” website ( for you to receive direct
communication, grade level plans and resources, and week to week expectations as we
move forward. The goal is to create one location for parents and teachers to access all
resources for teaching and learning at home. I’ve included a link below:

Teachers and principals have provided students and families a format for completing
enrichment activities at home. This is really good for those who like to structure their

Finally, the amount of resources and information may be overwhelming. Structuring a
learning environment at home may be overwhelming, too. Please be assured that
everyone within the school department is available to help and support families. Please
reach out if you need any of us.

Marc Kerble
Interim Superintendent

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