Special Education

Welcome to the Peabody Public Schools

Special Education Department

Our philosophy is that of inclusion for all students in the least restrictive environment for that individual student.  We also ensure Free and Appropriate Education for each of our students.

Each student is treated as an individual and therefore their needs are very different from another student.  We value inclusive practices for all students and the very definition of inclusive is as unique as the student’s needs.

We welcome all students who are eligible for Special Education services through the Federal guidelines for eligibility and services as outlined by IDEA 2004.  For further clarification of definitions and laws, please click on the following link to the Department of Education / Massachusetts.


The Special Education Programs offered within Peabody consider all areas of disabilities.

In accordance with the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA 2004) and Massachusetts special education regulations, 603 CMR 28.00, the Peabody Public School District provides screenings and/or evaluations for all children residing in Peabody, between the ages of 3-21, when parents, caretakers, and/or teachers suspect the presence of a disability.  The purpose of the evaluation is to determine eligibility for special education services. This notice applies to children residing in Peabody who attend either public or private schools. If you suspect your child may have an educational disability, please contact your child’s principal or the Special Education Chairperson for your neighborhood school.  (please see directory)