PVMHS Mission and Beliefs about Learning

November 13, 2018

PVMHS Mission

Peabody Veterans Memorial High School, in partnership with district, family and community, prepares all students to become lifelong learners, achieve college and career readiness and contribute positively to society.

PVMHS Beliefs about Learning

Students learn best when:

  • learning is clearly the top priority for all staff and themselves.
  • it is in collaboration with teachers, families, district and community.
  • in an appropriately challenging and positive environment that empowers them to contribute.
  • surrounded by a physically and emotionally safe space where mutual respect is evident.
  • they come to school, as attendance is critical in ensuring students reach their greatest potential.
  • engaged in authentic learning that gives them opportunities for personal and practical application.
  • explicitly taught how to analyze, synthesize and apply across disciplines.
  • given multiple ways and opportunities to demonstrate their learning.
  • teachers are provided enough time to give constructive feedback.
  • provided with sufficient mental health supports.
  • given appropriate tools and resources.

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