Peabody Students Recognized for Success on MCAS

October 28, 2021

Superintendent Josh Vadala is pleased to share that Peabody Public Schools recognized students who were top performers on the MCAS at special breakfasts last week.

The district hosted receptions for students in grades 3-5 on Oct. 19, grades 6-8 on Oct. 21 and grades 9-11 on Oct. 22 at Peabody Veterans Memorial High School. Students who exceeded expectations in any subject were presented with a certificate marking their achievement. Students’ family members were also invited to join the celebration.

In grades 3-5, 48 students were honored for their success on the English language arts portion of the exam, and 26 were honored for exceeding expectations in mathematics. Thirteen students in fifth grade were recognized for their performance on the science portion of the exam. Two fifth-grade students, Teagan McDermott from South School and Dylan Crosby from Burke school exceeded expectations in all three subject areas.

In grades 6-8, 56 students earned recognition for their success on the English language arts portion of the test, 31 were honored for their math achievements and 14 eighth graders were recognized for their work on the science section.

Additionally, over 63 high school students earned certificates for exceeding expectations on English language arts, while 46 excelled in math. Another 36 ninth grade students scored at the highest level on the biology exam.

“These recognitions are a great way to support our students who have gone above and beyond on state testing,” Superintendent Vadala said. “While MCAS results are just one measure of academic success, we felt it was important that the students who were most successful — especially after the challenges of the last year — had the opportunity to come together and be celebrated.”

Last week’s recognition events were the first of their kind for Peabody.

The MCAS (Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System) is a statewide standardized testing program that seeks to quantify where districts, schools and students are meeting expectations, as well as where additional support is needed. For more information about the MCAS, click here.

From left: Brody and Thad Broughton, students Thad and Brielle Broughton and Julie Broughton at the recognition ceremony honoring students for their MCAS success. (Courtesy Photo Peabody Public Schools)

Center School students (from left) Gabriella Morley, Brielle Decastro, Eli Reinoso, Kyle Decoulos, Aileen Pinto, Christian Kocur, Evangeline Fenn and Ana Nasto with their loved ones and staff members at the MCAS recognition ceremony. (Courtesy Photo Peabody Public Schools)

Peabody elementary school students and parents at the grades 3-5 recognition ceremony. (Courtesy Photo Peabody Public Schools)

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