Peabody School Committee Honors High School Junior for Heroism

May 27, 2022

The Peabody School Committee this week honored a high school junior who put skills developed in the classroom to use when she recently provided aid to a fellow student who suffered a seizure.

Peabody Veterans Memorial High School junior Trinity Cabrera was presented a citation at the School Committee’s May 24 meeting, recognizing her heroic actions in stepping up to stabilize a student who suffered a seizure at a track meet on Tuesday, May 11.

Cabrera, who is enrolled in PVMHS’ medical assisting program, responded when students shouted for help after a peer fell to the ground after suffering a seizure. Drawing directly upon what she learned in class, Cabrera positioned the student on their side and recorded the length of the seizure as any first responder would.

When first responders arrived, Cabrera shared critical information about the incident that would help them render the best possible care. The student is doing well now.

“Her actions were not only heroic but a true testament to what is being taught to the students,” said Education Stability Coordinator and track and field coach Marcus Vieira, who witnessed Cabrera’s actions. “I’ve been Trinity’s track and field coach since she entered high school, and she has proven herself as an athlete time after time. That day, she showed another side to her that I’ve never seen before and words cannot describe how proud I am of her.”

Peabody’s medical assisting program is part of the high schools’ Chapter 74 Career and Technical Education (CTE) program. Through the CTE program, enrolled students take part in an exploratory phase during their first semester of their ninth grade year. Upon selecting one of the six areas of focus, students spend their remaining three years taking part in intensive study in their chosen field and are empowered to work toward relevant certifications.

“I am tremendously proud of Trinity’s quick thinking and actions in coming to the aid of a student in need,” Superintendent Vadala said. “This is a testament to the meaningful, real-world impacts CTE programming has and I’m so grateful that our high school students have the opportunity to pursue their passions in the classroom.”

From left: Shannon Spinosa, Mayor Ted Bettencourt, Trinity Cabrera, Marcus Vieira, Superintendent Josh Vadala and Jennifer Kornusky.

(Courtesy Photo Peabody Public Schools)

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