Peabody Public Schools Purchases 100 Promethean Boards To Enhance Learning

January 26, 2022

Superintendent Josh Vadala is pleased to announce that the Peabody Public Schools recently purchased 100 Promethean boards, interactive touch-screen whiteboards designed to enhance student learning and engagement.

Peabody Public Schools recently purchased 100 Promethean boards, a piece of classroom technology designed to enhance student learning and engagement.

Promethean boards include a variety of features that allow teachers to project images from a computer.

The boards were purchased in December using federal CARES Act funding for use at the eight elementary schools in the district. The boards are on mobile stands so that they can be shared among classrooms. Every grade in each school has access to at least one board.

Nicole Kenny, a kindergarten teacher at West Elementary, uses the board for apps, including GoNoodle, and to project writings and drawings.

Diane Bugler, a Grade 5 science teacher at Brown Elementary, uses the board to display data, write notes, brainstorm ideas, and more. Michelle Brickley, a Grade 5 math teacher at Center Elementary, uses the board to promote collaborative problem solving by using tools, like the spinning wheel and split-screen mode.

“Ever since getting my Promethean board, it has been widely used throughout each day. I am impressed by how interactive it is, and how I can engage students using specific tools on the board,” Brickley said.

Other tools built into the board are a timer, a camera, a gallery of images, and an annotation tool.

“The Promethean Board has been a wonderful addition to my fifth-grade classroom. It is user-friendly and offers so many beneficial features. Using the Promethean boards has allowed me to provide interactive activities to enhance instruction and promote student engagement,” said Emily Sakelakos, a Grade 5 teacher at Center Elementary.

The district plans to purchase 100 more boards so that every elementary school teacher has a permanent board in their classroom by the start of the 2022-2023 school year.

“New technology like this is a great addition to the classroom because it helps to increase student engagement while promoting collaboration,” Superintendent Vadala said. “We’ve seen a positive impact from this new technology almost immediately and we’re looking forward to expanding access to all elementary classrooms next year so our students and staff can engage in deeper learning experiences.”

There are many tools built into the board, including a spinning wheel, which randomly selects one item from a list of options. 

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