Peabody Public Schools Provides Update on Timeline for Return to Fully In-Person Learning

March 10, 2021

Superintendent Josh Vadala wishes to provide the community with an update regarding the district’s timeline for the transition back to fully in-person learning.

The School Committee voted at its meeting tonight to transition the district’s elementary schools back to fully in-person learning on Monday, March 29 and its middle and high schools back to fully in-person learning on Wednesday, April 7. Students and the families who wish to continue to pursue fully remote learning will have the option to do so.

The district collaborated with the Peabody Federation of Teachers to identify the above dates, and continues to work closely with the organization on details for a safe, phased return to fully in-person learning.

This timeline is two weeks later than the district’s initial goal for the return to fully in-person learning, however following discussions with the community, it has been determined that a slightly later return will be beneficial as teachers make their vaccination appointments, the district continues to finalize its facility preparations and for families as they plan their schedules and childcare needs.

The transition is still a week ahead of the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s required timeline for the return to in-person instruction, through which elementary school students must return by April 5.

Educators become eligible on Thursday for the COVID-19 vaccine. The district remains committed to helping teachers access the vaccine in the most seamless way possible, and will continue to share any and all information available about the sites and resources available publically to seek out an appointment once they become eligible.

“It’s not lost on us how significantly these transitions and timelines impact our staff, students and families, and we’re deeply thankful for the continued patience and understanding of everyone in our district as we work toward the goal of reopening school buildings,” Superintendent Vadala said. “Our teachers have worked tremendously hard this year and we are fortunate to have such dedicated staff, who care very much about the academic growth and social emotional wellbeing of their students. It has long been a priority for our district to help our teachers access the vaccine once eligible and part of that commitment means pushing back this timeline slightly.”

More information on the return to fully in-person learning will be shared with all stakeholders as soon as it becomes available.

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