A Message From The Superintendent

October 14, 2017

Welcome to the Peabody Public Schools newly redesigned website!

On behalf of the Peabody School Committee and its chair, Mayor Ted Bettencourt, it is our hope that you will find the new website informative and easily navigable as it is our objective to provide our parents and greater community the information that you need in order to be well informed regarding your public school system. It is also our hope as we move forward with this design that any recommendations for including something that we may have left out or improving upon the site will be forwarded to my office either by email ( or by phone at 978-536-6500.

I am well into my last year as your Superintendent of Schools, and it has been my honor to serve you in that capacity. We have great support from a visionary School Committee whose only concern is to do the best they can for kids, and a wonderfully supportive City Council who continue to approve requests that have allowed the school system to “grow and prosper” (purposeful Star Trek reference). We are so fortunate as to have extraordinarily talented classroom teachers committed to making the lives of our kids better and a strong, skilled principal and administrative team that continually provides resources, advice and direction at both the school and district levels. Support staff from Clerical to Custodial and everyone in between, too numerous to mention, have been essential for the continued smooth running of all of our buildings and programs. Parent and community support has been unwavering and appreciated, and the student population in the Peabody Public Schools is made up of kids who make us proud every day.

Lastly, there can be no greater champion for the Peabody Public Schools than current Mayor Ted Bettencourt. From improving our buildings to adopting a new and wonderful science curriculum, from keeping class sizes reasonable with some of the lowest on the North Shore to funding the Technology Plan and getting both the infrastructure for speedier access installed to getting Chrome Books into the hands of our students, Mayor Bettencourt’s support in navigating the funding mechanisms for all of these improvements and upgrades was critical to their success. It is also instructive that he is one of the most decent people I’ve ever been around.

Whatever successes I have had as Superintendent wherever I have been are due directly to the quality and talent of the people who have surrounded me. Peabody and the Peabody Public Schools’ community ranks right at the top of that measure.


Herbert W. Levine, Ph.D.

Superintendent of Schools

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