Peabody Public Schools Named Recipient of 2023 Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant

February 15, 2023

Superintendent Josh Vadala is pleased to announce that the Peabody Public Schools have been named a recipient in the 2023 Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Program.

The Municipal Cybersecurity Awareness Grant Program, offered by the state EOTSS Office of Municipal and School Technology, supports the efforts of municipalities and school districts to improve overall cybersecurity posture.

Awards were announced on Friday, Feb. 9.

Program participants begin their training with an initial cyber strength assessment to measure baseline cybersecurity awareness. Following the assessments, periodic assessments consisting of training modules and simulated phishing email campaigns help participants build good cyber hygiene habits to increase their awareness of deceptive techniques used by bad actors to gain unauthorized access to government systems. At the end of the program, participants complete a final cyber strength assessment to measure their progress.

“Technology plays a large part in our day-to-day lives, so it’s extremely important that take every step to ensure our systems remain safe,” said Vadala. “Thank you to the Healey-Driscoll administration for providing this needed funding and training.”

Overall, the 2023 program will provide over 57,000 employees from 177 municipalities and public -school districts across the Commonwealth with critical cybersecurity training. Learn more about the program here.

“Our administration is committed to providing communities across Massachusetts with the resources they need to defend their technology against potential cyber threats,” said Gov. Maura Healey. “We are thrilled to see municipal leaders from across the Commonwealth prioritize cybersecurity by providing this vital training to their employees. Our administration will continue to advocate for resources to further support our partners in municipal government to meet the needs of the constituents they serve.”

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