Introducing ASPEN Our New Student Information System

January 24, 2019

Dear Peabody Parents/Guardians and Students,

Happy New Year!  We are delighted to share with all of you the implementation timeline for our new state-of-the-art ASPEN Student Information System.  For the last several months our Central Office and School Site Teams have been learning how to use ASPEN with an eye toward more efficient and effective communication between and among everyone involved in Peabody Public Schools. 


Grades 6-12 only will prepare graded assignments with their online ASPEN grade books, as well as, take attendance beginning in January 2019.  Student assignments, grades and daily attendance will be visible first to school faculty/staff and then to students and parent/guardians through the ASPEN Family and Student Portals.

In February, grades 6-12 students will be given login credentials to their ASPEN accounts on the Student Portal using protocols very similar to those they used to access our current system. 

In March, parent/guardians will be invited to open their ASPEN accounts to the same records their child(ren) sees.  Please Note: As we transition from MMS to ASPEN, parents/guardians will not be able to access the portal for the month of February, however will be able to view information from your child(ren)’s accounts.  We will be sending you information on how to set up your new portal for March.  We will keep you updated and guide you throughout the implementation process. We ask for your patience while making the transition into our new system. Every precaution has been taken to secure student information with ASPEN as many districts in Massachusetts have been using this system as well.


ASPEN will be implemented in the elementary schools in the fall of 2019.  We will provide parent/guardian training in the fall and guide you through the implementation process. Elementary schools will have online report cards for the first time.

For more information, please see our Peabody Public Schools website with the “Frequently Asked Questions about the Aspen Family and Student Portals”.  We look forward to working with all of you on this exciting 21st Century solution to improving our schools.


Cara Murtagh, Superintendent

Chris Lord, Assistant Superintendent

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