June 7, 2018

When we asked students at the Higgins Middle School what they needed to be the best they could be, they answered this:
1. We need to surround ourselves with good people
2. We need to feel good about ourselves

From those answers, and guided by the Search Institute’s 40 Developmental Asset Model, the “I AM” campaign was born. This positive self-talk campaign that builds Asset #15 Positive Peer Influence and Asset #38 Self-esteem, was unveiled on May 3rd after months of hard work with a student led school- wide “banner” event giving every student the opportunity to identify a positive word that describes them.

At HPC, we believe that genuine leadership opportunities support transition into adulthood, foster the skills and character to be responsible citizens, and promote social and emotional well-being. It’s amazing what can happen when we help young people to develop leadership skills and character by providing real-life opportunities to practice!

As part of the I AM campaign, students created this PSA. We are extremely proud of them and of it.

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