George Peabody Award

March 29, 2018

George Peabody is not only our city’s namesake, but he was also one of the most historic philanthropists our city has ever known. Third graders throughout our city are fortunate enough to take a field trip to his childhood home where they learn all about his childhood, philanthropic contributions and family background. Following this trip, third graders throughout our city were required to compose an essay that focused on the following prompt: What would you miss the most if you traveled back to the time of George Peabody’s childhood? These essays were then submitted for the 29th Annual George Peabody Essay Contest.

We are very proud to share that Toyosi Oludimu, a third grader here at the West School, composed the winning essay. Her tremendous level of effort, evidence of written organization, and perseverance were some of the contributing factors that made her essay so remarkable! She made it clear to us all that “I wouldn’t have received an equal education. Because of Mr. Peabody’s generous donations to education, I can follow my dreams and become a dynamic histologist!” Way to go Toyosi! The West School community is very proud of your achievement!

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