Current Draft of Reentry & Recovery Plan

August 8, 2020

Dear Families,

We hope this letter finds you all safe and healthy. Please know that the health and well-being of our students and staff are our top priority. At this time, there are still many questions about the return to school; however, we want to provide you with the most updated information we have at this time.

Our goal for the fall continues to be the safe return of as many students and staff as possible to in-person school settings, to maximize learning and address our students’ holistic needs. The results of our feasibility study have revealed that 80% of staff prefer to return to in-person learning (full time or hybrid) and 75% of families prefer in-person learning. After analyzing the capacity of our buildings and reviewing other health and safety considerations, we have determined that we cannot safely bring all staff and students back to full-time in-person learning at this time.

As a result, I am recommending that the Peabody Public Schools begin the 2020-2021 school year with a Hybrid Learning Model that offers a Remote Learning Option for individuals who are unable or uncomfortable returning to an in-person learning environment. I am also recommending that we begin the year with a phased-in approach that will ensure our schools are ready to welcome students and our staff receives the proper training and resources to implement these new learning models.

  • Phase 1: August 31-September 11 – Professional Development and Training
    • Phase 1 will allow all staff to effectively plan for the implementation of our Hybrid Model described later in this document.
  • Phase 2: September 14-15 – Relationship Building and Establishing Routines
    • During Phase 2, we will begin to support the return to school by establishing routines for learning and distributing materials, including Chromebooks for K-5.
    • Opportunities will be created for students to meet their teachers, see their school and classroom in a safe and appropriate way (by appointment only).
  • Phase 3: September 16: Implementation of the Hybrid Schedule (first day for students)
    • During Phase 3, we will begin implementation of the Hybrid Schedule (or in some cases full-time remote learning) for all students.
      We will continue to focus on relationships, routines, resilience, building stamina, and community connections.
  • Phase 4: TBD: Full In-Person Learning
    • During Phase 4, we will return back to full in-person instruction with increased health and safety measures in place or transition to full remote learning for all.

Please consider providing feedback on our Reentry and Recovery Plan. We are looking forward to reopening in the fall and seeing our students, staff and families again.

Josh Vadala Ed.D.

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Reentry & Recovery School Committee Presentation 8/4/20

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