The Electronics Program If you think of yourself as a curious student who enjoys taking things apart just to see how they work, then you will surely excel in the Electronics program. Most businesses depend on complex electronic equipment for a variety of functions and this program is designed to teach students the basics about operating and repairing this complex equipment. Communications systems, automated equipment, machinery and safety systems all rely on electronic devices and systems. Individuals with the technical knowledge to help install, test, maintain and repair this equipment will find a bright future in this field. The electronics industry offers a wide variety of career opportunities. Students in the Electronics program receive training in a well-equipped, modern electronic laboratory while studying a broad spectrum of electronic and engineering theory and application. Students are exposed to a wide range of electronic concepts that can be used to install, maintain, troubleshoot and repair electronic equipment. The program starts with basic electronic fundamentals, Ohms Law, and continues through advanced micro-controller programming. 

Classroom instruction is designed to provide students with a strong electronic and academic background that will open up many different job opportunities and careers for life. Some students will develop the skills necessary to obtain employment as entry-level technicians in many different areas of the electronics industry while other students will prepare for post-secondary education at four-year engineering institutions. 

Program Highlights

  • Learn electronics on state-of-the-art training systems. 
  • Gain experience by training on automated systems used in large manufacturing plants. 
  • Work with our advisory boards for real world experience in networking and the electronics field. 
  • Intensive curriculum encompassing all Massachusetts state frameworks and standards for electronics. 
  • Exposure to all foundational theories, allowing transfer to any technological field of study.                                                                         

Career Opportunities

  • Electronic Technician
  • Computer Technician
  • Electronic Salesperson
  • Data communications
  • Design Technician Telecommunication Service Tech
  • Medical Equipment Tech
  • Office Equipment Tech.
  • Automated Factory Mechanic Defense
  • Electronics Engineer
  • Computer Engineer Electronics Designer
  • Engineer Communications
  • Engineer Electronics Research
  • Engineer  

Dale Larocque


Michael Darish