Innovation Pathways – Business and Finance


Peabody Veterans Memorial High School stands at the forefront of occupational education and is pleased to introduce the Innovation Pathway (IP) branch within the Career Technical Education (CTE). Our goal is to equip students for high-demand, sustainable-wage careers and enhance their college preparedness. Our CTE and IP programs are strategically aligned with the industry’s needs. We aim to prepare students for both higher education and promising careers in these thriving sectors.

Students entering the 9th grade who wish to explore all occupational education areas (CTE & IP) should request the EXPLORATORY designation on their transcripts and communicate this to their guidance counselor. If demand exceeds available spots for the Exploratory Program, the CTE Admission Policy will be activated.

For 9th-grade students interested in direct admission to an IP course, the application for enrollment in the Business & Financing Pathway must be submitted by March 17th using the provided IP. Application. Admission will be based on available spots, and if demand exceeds capacity, the Innovation Pathway Application (DRAFT) will be activated.


Innovation Pathway Flyer



Admissions Policy


Innovation Pathway Application (draft)

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