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Science for Scientist at West Memorial

March 8, 2019

West Memorial fourth grade students participated in a, grant funded, Science from Scientist Program this year. Scientist, Jessica Costa, worked with students engaging students in science investigations that helped to enrich their learning and prepare for the PMLP Science Fair. Fourth grade teachers, Mrs. Donovan and Mrs. Beuchert were invited to bring three students each and a parent, from their fourth grade classes, to represent the West School at the Science for Scientist gala.

The students that attended the gala were: Paisley Cogliano, Ryan Gill, Aidan Horgan, Ellexia Mann, Toyosi Oludimu, and Nicholas Vetrano. During the event, held at MIT in Cambridge, students presented their science fair projects to distinguished guests as they circulated. Some guests in attendance at the gala were the Lieutenant Governor, Karyn Polito, the emcee, Emily Reimer from Channel 5, companies that sponsor Science from Scientists, and MIT professors and associates. Students were recognized for their work and presented with a small gift bag.

It was a really great experience for the students!



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