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March 27th-31st: Finish Lesson 19: Tomás Rivera by Jane Medina in reading. In math, we will start with Chapter 12: Numbers to 40 Video Link


Spelling words: show, blow, road, row, snow, toad, grow, boat, coat, low, flown, and toast practice here


 Words to Know: done, paper, were, great, soon, work, laugh, and talk


Homework: Read and answer questions on Boat Rides     Homework sheet


Homework: Read and answer questions on Fun with Gram     Homework sheet


Homework: Read and answer questions on Rex Knows     Homework sheet


Homework sheet


Spelling test on: show, blow, road, row, snow, toad, grow, boat, coat, low, flown, and toast practice here

Useful Web Links This Week


Journeys Reading Program

Scholastic News


Picture of the Day



Reading Choices:

eWord Game Unit 27

Crossword Challenge

Word Finds Unit 27

Word Builder Unit 27

Fly By Contractions

Days of the Week

Months of the Year

Long Vowel ai with Tom and Roy

Two Vowels Go Walking

Two Vowels Word Sort

Contraction 'll Practice

Word Families Click on ail

Math Choices:    Chapter 19: Money  Video

Adding Money:

Pocket Change

Counting Money


Coin Madness Addition

Billing Counter

Peter Pig’s Money Counter

Fruit Shoot Coins

Coin Drop

Coin Combo

Matching Money

Add Like Mad Coins

Math Choices: Chapter 12: Numbers to 40   Video Link

Math Magician (Level 1)

Shark Numbers

Connect the Dots to 40

Count Up to 30 by IXL

Counting Caterpillar


Writing Numbers in Words

More or Less

Number Track

Rabbit Words

Spooky Sequences

Snakes and Ladders

Ten Frame

Number Bingo

Fun Kids Online Math Games

Higher and Lower

Can You Make 40?

More or Less

Dino Place Value

Partitioning Numbers

Math Choices: Chapter 15: Calendar and Time video

Learning About Time

Learn to Tell Time ABCya


Learning Time Clock

Time Games

Stop the Clock

Marty's Digital Clock

Telling Time to the Hour

Telling Time

Count Us In Time Match

Clock Works

Time Train

What Time is It?

Match the Time

Missing Hands

IXL Days of the Week

Willie Watchdog

Telling the Time

Time Keeper

Bedtime Bandits

Time to the Hour

Bang the Time

Hickory Dickory

Nash’s Adventures